Sunday, July 14, 2013

For the Love of: Grass Fed

You know how sometimes you crawl out of bed and, from the minute your toes hit the floor, you're just craving a juicy, greasy burger? I'm not talking about the "Hmmm I think I want a burger for dinner" feeling, but rather the "I NEED SOME MEAT NOW!" hankering.

No? You don't know what I'm talking about you? You will after you try Grass Fed's burgers found in Jamaica Plain, MA (you're welcome). They will totally satisfy your need for fast food without slowly drowning your body in grease. Created by the same restaurant owners as Ten Tables, well known throughout Boston for their amazing food and attention to detail, Grass Fed employs the same beautifully made and cared for food while also offering the customer a more relaxed setting of counters and bar chairs as well as take out and delivery. Yes, if your live in Jamaica Plain they will hand delivery one of these babies to your door.

My favorite part? You can order any of the burgers "on grass" which translates to a delicious bed of fresh lettuce. Drooling yet? I'm aware it's breakfast, but I might stop and get one of an early lunch... Hope to see you there soon!