Thursday, April 11, 2013

To The Best Little Brother

Happy Birthday, Harrison! I cannot believe you're 16. It probably should have hit me when I realized my car has been adjusted this past weekend for your 6-ft-something body, but I was clearly in denial.

No one in the world makes me laugh as hard as you do. You always know how to scoop the anger right out of me when I say I'm fed up with whatever shenanigan you've gotten us into. Those dimples of yours will save you from a world of trouble someday.

You're also so much smarter than you give yourself credit for, and I really admire the ease at which so much of the brainer work in the world comes to you. I definitely couldn't have built my own PC at the age of 12. I know you're going to do great things in the world, and I can't wait to be there to see it all.

I know it might seem like I won't be around much in the next year, but I'll only be a phone call, text, or skype call away! And yes: we will skype. Everyday. I'd also like to request nightly lullabies now, seeing as you have one the prettiest singing voices I've ever heard (this is a lie... his voice is a mix between a wailing puppy and squealing pig).

Thank you for letting me take millions of photos of you, keeping me laughing, reminding me that the world isn't always about me, helping me with my math homework (yes, my baby brother helps me with math), and teaching me to enjoy every day of life. Happy Birthday again (not-so) little brother! Here's to many more.

The family goofball... it took us 20 mins to get him out of this baby swing.

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