Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And Then She Exhaled

shirt: Aryn K/skirt/shoes: Korks wedges

I thought today was going to be crazy stressful, like those kind of days where you're running around, making plans, and somehow not accomplishing anything... I had two videos to produce by the end of the day and only 6 hours. This seems like a reasonable amount of time, but unfortunately, in the work I do, there's a lot of collaboration with people, people who go where they want, when they want, and that I cannot control. As the day went on, I watched people running around on the quad, tanning in the sun, and generally be in a much better mood than I was.

Fortunately, as every hour ticked down towards my deadline, I'd realize that I'd made progress and remember to finish my breath: and exhale. So many times, when we're in a rush, all we do in breathe in, breathe in, breathe in, trying to soak up everything swirling in the world around us, and that's great, being an engaged human in society and constantly trying to better yourself is a noble task. However, sometimes, we need to accept that it's too much, that what we're trying to do is too much, or the hardest of all, what we're trying to be is too much. Someone very important to me took time today to remind me that it's ok to say no. Between that advice and my new resolution to exhale, tomorrow's gonna be fine.