Monday, April 15, 2013

2013's Boston Marathon

I was going to post about how my crew team and I rowed the marathon for cancer research today. I was going to write about how tired I was afterwards, how terrible my feet smelled, and how frustrated I was trying to get back home in the Marathon Day traffic. I was going to make a joke about how Bostonians don't celebrate Patriot's Day and spend the whole morning glued to their TVs and computers to see who wins only to see someone from another country take the title from the well-rooted for Bostonian man or woman.

But instead, I'm going to mention the destruction that took place in my city this afternoon. Two bombs were set off near the marathon's finish line. I know so many people who wanted to spend the day cheering on their fellow Bostonians and guests who had come to race in our home's marathon, but instead of watching marathon coverage, we all glued our eyes to a story of terror and fear and pain that spilled in Boston today.

Growing up, I loved Marathon Monday. I was never an athletic kid, so I never imagined running it myself, but I had a friend whose house was on the road of the race. We'd make lemonade and hand out water and orange slices to the passing athletes. People were always so kind and grateful, and in a city where we're known for our grumpiness, a kind "thank you" or smile in exchange for some Gatorade goes a long way. To those of you who also have fond memories of marathons past or even from earlier today, I urge you to cherish them. Yes, something terrible that many of us will never forget took place in our city today, but we are a strong people and can get back up from this. Congratulations to all marathon participants today, and my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by today's events.

Peace and love to my city.