About me

Sometimes it's good to have goals: make the team, get good grades, be nice to your neighbor, make money, etc. Other times, you just gotta lean into it and watch where the current takes you. That's what this blog is about for me--- learning how to just lean into it.

A few of my heart's true loves: food, photographs, style, and other media. I love to consume the world around me. All I want is to know more about this beautiful, sad, and magical planet we inhabit. I'm a Christian and have been since I was in 5th grade. My faith is a huge part of who I am, but doesn't create illusions of simplicity in my world view. I still want to examine issues objectively and with the end-goal of informing at least one person about what I've learned, and that's where the love for media comes in. Reading the newspaper or magazines are an amazing way to stay involved in the culture churning around us, but I get most of my news styled work from my Twitter feed #90sbaby! Food is another one of my true loves. I cook, bake, and eat out constantly, so I have lots to say about the restaurants or recipes I try. Fashion has always been a means of expression for me, but only recently have I started to truly cultivate my personal style and create connections with inspiration for the way I dress. Finally, photography, as much as I sometimes wish it wasn't, is the window to my soul. My work seeks to question the parts of life I was raised to accept without question.

I hope you learned a little bit more about me and why I do the work and play that I do.