Thursday, May 9, 2013

So Many Movies, So Little Time

The "skirt" is actually a tube top slip dress by Free People!

Sorry my posting has been so sporadic this week! Tonight, I watched Miss Representation, a wonderful documentary on the media's portrayal of women and its effects on girls confidence, leadership, and self-image. However, gender issues don't just apply to women, and the movie speaks to the complicated role men play in society as the perpetuate the culture surrounding women's role in our country, but also the stereotypes and expectations that prey on young men.

I strongly suggest checking it out if you've got time or add it to your to-watch list. I've crossed it off, but now Searching for Sugar Man, Which Way Is the Frontline From Here?, and Restrepo are creeping to the top. Man, I love me some documentaries! Comment with any suggested additions to my to-watch list!