Monday, April 8, 2013

Sometimes I Explore Galleries

The work behind me belongs to the photographer, Christine Collins
Galleries are such an interesting space: blank and yet holding so much of something we (usually) deem beautiful. Sometimes I like to just wander inside of them, look at the art, and contemplate why I think some work is better than others. First off, who am I to judge? On a good day, I'd call myself an amateur photographer, and I'm young, so it's not as if I've seen all that much art. And yet, I feel this urge to ingest and stare at all the work around me, asking myself if I could "steal like an artist" and make a concept my own. Sometimes I even convince myself of this, only to get into the photo studio with my film and realize what a mess I've made. That's the beauty of photography--- your "mistakes" are so obvious; however, just as my elementary school art teacher always promised me, "for every big oopsie, there will be a magical mistake."

With that in mind, I hope you all made lots of mistakes today!