Sunday, April 7, 2013

Coming Home

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm writing this from my flight home from LA. A few things about flights always totally catch me off guard:

1. Way more people order tomato juice than I'd expect. And why? Do you feel healthier order a puréed fruit/vegetable 37,000 feet in the air? Or do you ALWAYS drink tomato juice? In which case, I guess you should just do you??

2. I always pick movies that make me bawl to watch on flights. When faced with the choice to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Knight and Day, guess which one I chose? And of course it eventually leads to the entire line for the bathroom trying not to look at me as I wipe tears from my red eyes as Bridget cries over her dead mom and lost virginity...

3. What is with those weird air conditioning nozzles?? I'm not hot... I will not be hot... Stop telling me I'm hot!! Or worse, giving the people around me the option to freeze me like a Popsicle by giving each of us the option to control the temperature.

4. The worst part about this flight? I have to leave this gorgeousness behind: