Monday, March 25, 2013

Cozy Time

It's been real cold up here the past few days, so I've been piling on the sweaters, only to realize that I have a hell of a lot of sweaters that don't actually keep me warm. Good thing my lovely friend, Shanti, let me borrow her tribal print cardigan I've been lusting after for months. Not sure she's gonna get this one back anytime soon ;)

On a separate note, my crew team's preseason started last Monday, so it was a whole week of getting to know the underclassmen trying out, hard work, and large quantities of food. If you're a rower or have friends who row, you know how much we get sucked into our sport during the season. Here, I solemnly swear not to be too obsessed about crew. While it's a big part of my life, especially in the spring, I have loads of other interests too, which I'm really excited to share with y'all!

The reason the crew mention was relevant was because my hair is natural in the above pictures. It was getting so gross after practices that I just decided to keep it conditioned and up in a sock bun (if you haven't tried that one yet, you're missing out), so I didn't get too cold. See? Crew manages to become relevant to just about anything...

I am obsessed with Essie's Chinchilly nail polish. I have to convince myself not to reapply every week...
Hope everyone is staying warm! What're you up to this spring? New job, class, style, etc?