Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Places

Scarf: American Apparel in Coral
Yesterday, I went exploring on a trail out in some woods in Dedham, MA. My friends and I found a raised boardwalk through fields swarming with mosquitos, a dilapidated stone shack with a mysterious wooden (and unfortunately locked) hatch, and lots of laughing as we remembered when we were kids, pretending to explore the world around us, when we'd only just made it to our backyard. The world seemed so much bigger then, didn't it?

I just finished Miriam Sagan's Seven Places in America: A Poetic Sojourn, where she travels to different parks and spaces in the US, attempting to write poetic maps of the environments or merely explain what the spaces have meant in her life. Inspired by Sagan's journey, I will begin a Seven Places project of sorts, starting this June. I'll be making multimedia work of seven places around the world (as I'll be travelling September-December--- more on that later!), and hopefully learn a thing or two about myself as I try and articulate why parks and hills and bodies of water are important to me. Who knows... maybe I'll share a poem or two with y'all as well!