Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Like News?


I really hate getting out of bed. I have an extensive system of alarms and timers, often bribe myself with coffee drinks, but usually just lie in bed and pretend I'm picking out my outfit for the day (with my eyes closed). I was always really jealous of people who got up early and watched the news as they got ready or could stomach NPR during their morning commute. I mean I love Ira Glass, but not sure I can really process everything his beautiful voice is telling me at 7 am. 

Then, I found out about the Skimm, an online newsletter that condenses the days biggest headlines into a short, manageable articles and then sends them straight to your inbox. The whole newsletter so concise, but full of information that I can read them in bed for 7 minutes after my alarm (the current jam is Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hillson) has burst through my eardrum. The newsletter is also run by two fabulous women, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin. Stylish and determined women, previously working the broadcast industry, and now running a start-up? Basically my idols. Check out The Skimm