Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston's First Music Festival!

Owl City Tour 2011

Parachute Tour 2011

Mat Kearney toured with Owl City
Brothers of the Sun Tour 2012

This May 25th and 26th, Boston will be hosting its first music festival, Boston Calling! I am so so psyched about this one guys. They have a great lineup including Fun., Andrew Bird, Matt and Kim, and Of Monsters and Men.

I've always wanted to go to a music festival, but so many of them are far from the east coast, so I've just never had time to make it out cross country. I'm a huge concert fan though, just sitting in the crowd of hundreds or thousands of people, all listening to the same song, just taking in the atmosphere. I love the occasional huge stadium show but definitely prefer the small intimate shows at venues such as House of Blues or Paradise Rock Club here in Boston. At these smaller shows, it doesn't even matter that you don't know the words to all the songs or the openers, but rather that you can make direct eye contact with the artists on the stage. That moment when your eyes meet? That's a magical feeling that I need more of in my life.

Let me know if you're thinking about going to Boston Calling!