Friday, March 29, 2013

On Repeat: Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert) by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

So Macklemore is clearly well known for his thrift shopping technique, but if you check out the rest of his music, you'll find some really beautifully made work. This song, Same Love, is about the struggle that so many of our fellow Americans face everyday in their search for love, a search we all deserve. The music video is a beautiful depiction of one gay man's life--- the hardships, harm, and happiness he faces as he wanders through his life. I'm a strong believer in equal rights for marriage, and even if you don't agree, listen to the song and watch the video; you might learn something new.

If none of that convinces you, the cinematography and production of the video is superb. I think Jon Jon Gustavo really has some beautiful work with a lot of the music videos he's done. As always, leave comments with you thoughts!