Sunday, February 24, 2013


Welcome to Accents and Aperture! I'm Maya. Fashion and photography are both such multifaceted aspects of our culture, and as someone considering a Media Studies major in college, I decided to start this blog as a place where I could learn about my own sense of style, what I want to take pictures of, and issues that I hope to bring to light through my camera. You can read more about me here!

I've always been afraid of mixing patterns, but it was a Friday, the end of the week... who was gonna tell me not to double up on the stripes, hmm?

Oh, and my sister bought me those TOMS for Christmas. I know I'm joining the TOMS party a little late, but damn these things are comfortable. Doesn't hurt that they support a great cause either!

Last time I wore this skirt, I was neck deep in the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona, Spain. It hadn't occurred to me to wear a bathing suit under my clothes when I left my hotel to walk to the beach, so suddenly, I was staring at a way too inviting ocean, with a white tank top and maxi skirt keeping me from the waves. I decided fabric had no such right, whipped off the tank, hiked up my skirt, and took the plunge.